The Making of a K-Drama Masterpiece

Growing up as a westerner, there is nothing more I love more than the concept of Korean Culture. As I found myself more involved with the culture, I found Kdrama and fell in love with the idea of it. The more I watched it, the more I thought about the making of characters and how they came to be.

In my own honest opinion and very short (small? Not really) knowledge about what I think the kdrama recipe is all about. What the heck would even be in that recipe? Lots and lots of ramen and meat, I would suppose.

I’d just let the weightlifting team eat it.

Here are some straight up knowledge (I’m an English major I (kind of) know these things? Kind.. of?) that I took off of making the perfect recipe for a perfect love story. Not just those lame Christmas ones on Hallmark with a girl named Holly.

I hope you find some joy in my writing, because at least this writing isn’t about Justin Bieber like it was back in 2013.